Sometimes, rather than doing all your styling from scratch, you want to set up some quick and easy styling, that still looks good, to get your site started. React has many robust frameworks to suit this purpose. But what happens if you want to make tweaks to their styling components? Change colors, images, fonts, etc. This can be exceedingly frustrating, especially if you’re shooting in the dark. The documentation for how to access these parameters is all there, but it can be a bit hard to decipher and utilize yourself at first glance. This post will aim to help you…

All major web services use your data to make money.

Targeting those ads

The statement above may be a bit hyperbolic, but the core of it is true. In all those terms and conditions you always have to hit accept, and likely don’t read, to use pretty much any website they are allowing themselves to record and use your data to earn money from third parties.

You wouldn’t allow a photographer to make money off of your likeness without giving you a cut, would you? In fact, there is a TON of legislation in place that protects things like your likeness, your ideas, your voice, etc. from being used for…

Learning backwards with the aid of visual and feedback-driven CSS style generators is a great way to help you sift through the litany of repetitive parameters and quickly get to the parts you actually want to use.

There are many helper web apps out there to design certain style aspects for your pages and get rendered for you some boilerplate syntax that you can add to your own code. Below, I’ll briefly describe a few useful helpers that I like, as well as compare them to working with CSS frameworks like Bootstrap,

  1. CSSmatic

CSSmatic is a very user-friendly to design…

Disclaimer: Personal experience piece, no actual research on how the human brain encodes memory was conducted.

When a musician improvises, they don’t have time to think “Well, we’re in C minor, maybe this…” or time to contemplate what fingers to put on which strings or keys. By the time that thought has happened the song has moved on. The notes need to flow from a backlog of practice, muscle memory, and intuition, so that the more complex and impressive shows of skill and artistry make themselves seen.

Even between famous musicians you’ll often find certain phrases they use all the…

Ben Stein

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